Strong Teeth and Perfect Smile – Myth and Reality

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We have helped create over 10,000 Smile! 

Started in 2002 as “family dental health center, Identity+ in both Delhi and Gurgaon has served over 10,000 patients over the years.

Team identity+ comprises of competent professionals with a cumulative experience of around 30 years. Team identity+ has successfully placed & restored over 500 implants. Since 2014 we have also used soft-tissue lasers to successfully treat over 1,000 patients.

Identity+ is today a state-of-the-art laser, cosmetic, and implant dentistry center with a special focus or aesthetic dentistry. The philosophies behind dental treatment at identity. are a family-oriented approach. and complete CARE solutions. 

Identity+ is also committed to help clients smile the world over and has a client roster which includes settled in India and abroad.

Family Dentistry is where the doctors remain committed to clients work from the beginning to the end. The doctors are easily accessible. compassionate. skilled and committed to being there for the clients until the treatment is complete and even after that. This is philosophy. we have followed since 2002.

Complete CARE Dentistry is the core of all the treatment rendered at Identity+. The problem of each client is carefully diagnosed using digital technology and clinical experience. then communicated to the patient as a treatment plan and finally executed in complete consent and involvement of the client. The client actually understands the degree of the problem and the need to address it to the required extent.

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