Price List

1Consultation Only500 INRBasic Checkup
2X Ray/Digital Camera Screening1000 INRFull Mouth Digital Examination
3Root Canal Treatment4500 INRAnterior/Posterior Teeth
4Root Canal Re-Treatment6000 INRRequired to save previously treated tooth with faculty RCT
5Fiber Post Core3500 INRRequired to Strengthen the tooth after RCT with tooth structure loss
6GIC Filling1500 INRTooth Colored Filling Interim Restoration
7Cosmetic Filling Back Teeth3000 INRTooth Colored Filling
8Cosmetic/ Aesthetic Filling Front Teeth3000 INRClass 3,4,5
9Metal Crown/Inlay5000 INRPer Unit Base Alloy
10PFM Crown6000 INRPer Unit
11PFM Crown(Milled)8000 INR Per UnitRecommended for strength and better Fit.
12Zirconia Crown9500 INR Per UnitRecommended for Back Teeth /single crown or small span FPD Bridges
13Bruxzir Zirconia15000 INR Per UnitHigh Stress cases/ Recommended for long span Bridge work
14Temporary Crowns2000 INR Per UnitAcrylic Crowns
15E Max Glass Ceramic Crown/Veneer/Inlay Onlay15000 INR Per UnitRecommended for high esthetic needs
16Laser Gum Curettage1500 INR Per ToothGum Tightening
17Complete Removable Dentures25000 INR OnwardsAdequate / good ridge
18Complete Removable Dentures for Poor Ridge40000 INRPoor/Fair ridge present
19Specialized Complete Removable Dentures (MOLLOPLAST B)80000 INRSoft lined Comfortable fit
20Simple Extraction2000 INR OnwardsMobile teeth
21Minor Oral Surgery8000 INR Onwardsmicro/piezosurgery
22Socket Preservation10000 INR OnwardsCost of bone graft /bone membrane separate
23Digital Treatment Planning10000DSD SOFTWARE
24Computer Guided Solution Per 2-4 TEETH10000 INRGUIDED IMPLANT SOLUTIONS
25Scaling /Teeth Cleaning2000- 3000 INR
26Metal Braces40000 INR
27Ceramic Braces65000 INR
28Teeth Whitening7000 INR
29Tooth Jewellery3000 INR
30Soft Night Guard4000 INR
31Hard Splint6000 INR
32Gum Treatment8000 INRPrice Per Quadrant
33Full Mouth Gum Treatment45000 INRClosed Curettage,Root Planing and Laser assisted New Attachment Procedure
34Dental DiplantA.Adin: 30000 INR
For Moderate/good ridge only
* any bone substitute material / special abutment required cost is separate