Immediate Dental Implant

Immediate Dental Implant


Immediate Dental Implant is an increasingly common strategy to preserve bone and reduce treatment times includes the placement of a dental implant into a recent extraction site. It is preferred as shortens treatment time and can improve aesthetics because the soft tissue envelope is preserved.

You won't have to wear a removable prosthesis to hide the gap in your smile, and your treatment will require the least number of office visits.

Immediate tooth replacement with long-term stability is a viable option

what dental implant xperts offer?

Dental Implant Xperts specializes in delivering world-class dental implant solutions using evidence-based research, global diagnosis and Digital planning and Advancement in dental technologies like CBCT, CUSTOMISED Prosthesis and Long lasting solutions.

We offer the best immediate dental implant treatment to the national and international dental patients. We schedule a comprehensive examination before going for a dental implant to review your medical and dental history, take X-rays, and create impressions of your teeth and gums so that models can be made.

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