Dental Care for Elderly

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Are you missing chewing your best food? Do you cover your face or restrict yourself from smiling? Are your dentures loose and irritating? 

Are Missing teeth or dark teeth normal for old age?

Older age group need to keep teeth healthier as they need to eat well, keep their digestive process functional to fight other age-related systemic problems. 

Gum Diseases and Ageing

While some amount of gum recession is normal, uncontrolled gum diseases can lead to bone loss and mobile teeth. Loss of Bone and gum tissue can compromise denture wearing or fixed implant denture treatment. 

Can Dental implants be considered for elderly ?

Dental implants are safe and predictable treatment options for replacement of missing teeth for elderly. Implants preserves natural bone and is more natural like. Less invasive options like ALL -ON- 4, TEETH 1NA DAY are modem options for getting fixed implant dentures without undergoing invasive bone grafting procedures.

Can elderly with Medical issues undergo dental treatment?

Diabetes, osteoporosis, Hypertension, heart diseases, orthopedic and neurological issues are some of the common systemic conditions affecting senior people. Seniors with controlled medical situations can be treated as normal adults. Medicaments for systemic diseases can also cause dry mouth and can further deteriorate teeth and gum health.

What are the best oral practices for elderly?

  • Use fluoride containing tooth paste and mouth wash,
  • Brush twice daily, use an interdental brush for complete cleaning
  • Avoid all forms of tobacco and keep water intake high.
  • Lastly, visit your dentist regularly and take dental treatment as advised.
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