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Cosmetic Dentistry Tips And Tricks

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Keep your teeth clean. Tea coffee & red wine stains teeth so rinse with water after you have them. Professional cleaning every 4-6 months helps removing stains and plaque buildup. Teeth whitening for dark /discolored teeth is also helpful to achieve white – lighter colored teeth. Smile makeovers with cosmetic fillings,Veneers and bleaching can do wonders to give you a pleasing smile. Tooth jewelry on front upper

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Fixed Implant Dentures – Things To Know

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Fixed implant dentures are recommended when someone have remaining teeth that are hopeless and need to be extracted and / or already have full missing teeth’s in one or both the jaws Fixed implant dentures are the modern standard of care for edentulous patients over conventional removable dentures The dentures are screwed upon Titanium alloy screws called implants, usually, 4-6 implants are sufficient in each jaw for

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Cosmetic Dentistry Cost in India

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Cosmetic dentistry can provides excellent solutions for discolored, malpositioned, chipped , fractured, missing, and correction of gummy smiles and fill gaps between teeths  with simple and innovative modern dentistry. India is one of the largest nation in asia and with its current progress its turning out to be a promising land not only for trade and commerce but also dental and medical tourism. We are now getting

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