Bone Augmentation & Regeneration

Bone Augmentation & Regeneration


Tooth bone has the capacity to partially rebuild itself, but in most cases this process requires assistance. Biomaterials can enhance the body’s natural ability to regenerate lost bone. This is a process of grafting bone or bonelike materials to the jaw.

The loss of the tooth and of its bone of support lead to the creation of crestal defects or situation of maxillary atrophy. The restoration of a functional condition involves the use of endosseous implants who require adequate bone volume, to deal with the masticatory load.

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Dental Implant Xperts specializes in delivering world-class dental implant solutions using evidence-based research, global diagnosis and Digital planning and Advancement in dental technologies like CBCT, CUSTOMISED Prosthesis and Long lasting solutions.

We offer the best bone augmentation & regeneration treatment to national and international dental patients. We schedule a comprehensive examination before going for a dental implant to review your medical and dental history, take X-rays, and create impressions of your teeth and gums so that models can be made.

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